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"Toby was with us from the beginning of our home project,
from working with the architect
on through to the final details
and his advice and expertise
was invaluable. He kept us
apprised of every decison and
was a great manager and troubleshooter.
What makes
Toby so different from other builders, is his design sense.
The process of building a
custom home involves so
many details and decisions
and Toby's eye for scale and aesthetics is what really made
our home so special. He's not
just a guy who will toss
together a house for his clients;
he will create your vision
and improve upon it."
~ Jane and Demos Kotsanos



Archer Deam Home Example A true custom home should reflect not only your personal style and taste, but your lifestyle as well. Archer can build a variety of different styles – from Log, Timber Frame, Post & Beam, to a simple architectural design that brings you back to simpler times, yet satisfies the needs of today’s multi-functional families. We can also assist you in finding the property that is most suitable for your building concept.

Kitchen by Archer Deam Homes
Bring the amenities of an older home up to the standards of today’s finest custom homes by expanding the size of your home: a new entry, kitchen addition, butler pantry, an extra room for family.... Increase the size or spacious feel of your home by creating: great rooms, adding a porch or deck, spas, etc. Landscaping, new driveways and other details can turn an ordinary home into an extraordinary one.

What Area Does Toby Focus On?
From the initial stages of design to all aspect of the construction process, Toby is focused on your home. He has experience working with environmentally friendly products and supplies, and is a wealth of information when it comes to helping you create a green-built or energy efficient home. This extra knowledge can assist in ensuring lower utilities bills throughout the life of the home.

Why You Get a Higher Quality Product at a Reasonable Price with Archer?
Toby chooses to utilize primarily sub-contractors with only minimal employee help when applicable. He feels hiring professionals trained and experienced in a specific trade, provides the best quality of workmanship available. The end result provides us with a skilled service, our clients with a quality product, as well as being cost effective. In addition to our builders warranty on the home, all our subs guarantee their materials and workmanship for one year. If a problem does arise, they are available to address and fix the problem in a timely fashion. We conduct our business from our personal home and property. This drastically reduces our overhead /operating cost which reduces the overall cost to build and means a cost-savings to our clients.

How Do Price Estimates Work?
A builder can usually provide a "ball park" figure for average costs per square foot when the style and size of a home is known and a basic idea of what you are looking for with regards to finishing the home. Variables to this figure are site development costs and type of finish. Beware of "ball park" figures if you have not discussed how the home is to be finished. Most builders set allowances for items such as appliances, flooring, lighting, tile etc. These allowances, as well as material choices such as siding, roofing, windows etc. play a role in that "ball park" figure. Before a firm bid or even a "ball park" figure can be given, a contractor must know what you generally expect to see in your home. When we have a general idea of what you would like to see in your home, we will give you a general idea of cost. Before you request a bid, take the time to list or discuss in detail your specifications. (Example: Cabinets; cherry wood, "Lazy Susan" in both upper and lower corner cabinets, etc.) It is always best to be as thorough as possible. Make as many of the major decisions as possible (siding materials, flooring types etc.) prior to construction. By making decisions early you avoid potentially costly "Change Orders" or "Additions" later. For Example: If you originally have the kitchen bid for vinyl flooring and then later change to hardwood, you will incur the cost difference in materials and installation labor, the cost to remove the underlayment for the vinyl that has already been installed, disposal of it and installation of the correct material. In addition, many builders charge a "Change Order" or "Additions" fee. We devote all the time necessary to make sure the bid we propose to you is complete and any changes which may arise are usually so minor, we have never imposed any type of change fee. When we submit a bid for your review, we also include the contract as well. This gives you an entire package to review carefully. You must assume in all cases, if something you want included in the bid is NOT listed on the specifications, it is NOT included in the price. Most bids are guaranteed for 30 days.If you so desire, you can now take the plan and a list of specifications for a second bid.When reviewing bids, carefully compare the specifications for each line item listed (Cabinets, Flooring, Insulation, etc.). If there is a significant difference in line item costs, question BOTH builders WHY?In today's market there is a large variety of materials available varying in quality and cost. To accurately compare bids, you must make sure you are comparing "apples to apples".

An Experienced "Hands On" Contractor
One advantage we can offer is our experience. Toby has worked in nearly all facets of the trade, from framing to drywall to detailed carpentry work. When you hire Archer Dream Homes, Toby will personally oversee and run the entire project from start to finish. Toby has a hands-on working knowledge of all aspects of every project and this provides him with the ability to plan in advance to avoid potential problems or costly changes. We do not hire a foreman to oversee our jobs. Archer Dream Homes, Inc.Toby feels that to maintain quality control he must have a "hands on" approach. This standard allows Toby to quickly adapt on site when questions or problems arise or when positive design changes may be beneficial to the final product. Instead of just attempting to cover up issues, as many contractors do, Toby has the creative knowledge to immediately work with his craftsmen to find the best solution possible.

Archer Dream Homes uses ASCENT Group for their civil and structural engineering needs. ASCENT Group has provided structural design on the successful completion of numerous residential projects in the mountain regions and is highly skilled at coordinating with and maintaining the aesthetic intent of the architecture.

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